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    Site Size - 12000 m2
    Satinless still - 8
     (1000 - 3000 litres)
    Reactors (Collective  
    Capacity12000 ltrs)
    Glass Line
     ( 500 – 3000 litres)


    Boiler of 800 kg.  
    steam capacity at
    10 kg pressure.
    High vacuum  System
  Chilling Plant 40 |
   at – 20C.                     

Manufacturer of  :  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - APIs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Speciality Chemicals

Patented Product

LAE HCl (Ethyl N-α-Lauroyl –L-Arginate HCl)


V & V Pharma Industries
is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's), Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Specialty Chemicals.

V & V Pharma Industries
is continuously engaged in the development of emerging technologies in collaboration with many Institutes & industrial centers of excellence. We have worked extensively and developed innovative technologies in the area of APIs intermediates Technology. Our innovative team of chemists has a proven track record in: process development, process optimization and scale-up. Whether you're looking for quantities in grams, tons or anything in between, we are ready to provide you with unparalleled levels of service with a proven track record for providing quality product in a timely manner.

We work with an efficient and professional team, which is market savvy and capable of adapting to the demands of the business. So concentrate on your production, and entrust all your outsourcing hassles to our experienced hands


APIs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, Ninhydrin, Quinoline, Phenanthroline, Quinaldine, Cyclopropane, Indanone, Pyrazole, Mumbai, India

LAE HCl  | APIs intermediates | Dicarboxylic acid derivatives | Cycloalkane Derivatives | Furan Derivatives | Imidazole Derivatives | Indane Derivatives | Indole derivatives | Isoxazole Derivatives | Phenanthroline Derivatives | Octane derivatives | Pharmaceutical Intermediates | Pyrazole Derivatives | Quinoline Derivatives | Benzotriazole derivatives | Laboratory reagents  




    Acylation.   zotization.
    Amidation   thoxylation
    Amination. Grignard



V & V Pharma Industries
73,"Sanskruti Prasad"
Ram maruti road
Thane (west) 400 602
Maharashtra, India.
Tel: 91-22-25366492 ,
91-22-62395582 / 83
Fax: 91-22-25434546

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